Make Learning Fun with Belmont Playcare Topic: Spring and Easter Week 30th March 2020

Area of Learning-Language Development

Easter Egg packaging – deliberately draw your child’s attention to print and read it aloud to them – “that says chocolate/egg/Smarties”. This helps your child understand the purpose of print and its relevance to them and fosters an awareness of and interest in print. Don’t forget to use lots of richly descriptive language when you’re enjoying the egg – chocolate, melt, delicious, sweet, smooth, creamy, soft – how many more can you think of?! Helps broaden your child’s vocabulary.

Area of Learning-Mathematical Development

Counting, awareness of more/less – Count your Easter eggs together with your child. To promote awareness of 1:1 correspondence either point to or move each one across when counting.Talk about one more/one less. When breaking up an egg or eating part of it, talk about the pieces being a half/quarter etc.

Area of Learning-Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Hide some Easter eggs in the garden or house- and then give instructions to find them.Then give the child(ren) a turn to hide and instruct you.

Have an Easter egg hunt and encourage sharing of ALL the treasure.

(if you don’t have eggs, cut out and decorate egg shapes from cereal box)..

Area of Learning-Physical Development

Fine Motor Skills

Twisting lids on jamjars and other screw-top pots – useful for strengthening wrists (important for fine motor tasks including pencil control). Provide some empty containers with screw top lids and a basin of water (can add a little food colouring for interest) to fill and empty jars.

Gross Motor Skills*Daily spurts of vigorous exercise are great – run, jump, dance, skip etc!

Heel-toe walking along a line – good to help develop balance and control.Try walking along a chalk/string line on the ground, or along cracks and lines in paving.You can progress to doing this with a beanbag (sock with rice) on head!

Area of Learning-Creative Development

Junk Art- with all the packaging from Easter eggs and around the house, get creative and make some items.Offer different methods to stick items on and discuss using more or less, also discuss what could be used for eyes, wheels and how many are needed.

Chocolate Buns- use up the chocolate and make buns.This is a great one to look at the solids to liquids.

Area of Learning-World Around Us

In the garden or out on your 1 a-day walk- What can you find? What can you hear? What can you see?

Goldilocks and the 3 bears and Badgers Easter Surprise- Posted on Facebook

Nursery Rhymes

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary.

Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken lay a little egg for me.

Little Chicken in the egg, quiet as can be, crackle, crackle, crackle pop, out pops she (this is a quiet poem).

Action- fold thumb into your fist and close fingers around. When you get to the word “pop” stick up thumb and wiggle.

Yellow, Yellow daffodil.

I was walking to the farm one day.

Five Fat Peas

Five little speckled frogs.

We would love to see how you are getting on each week.If you have time to add a photo to Facebook and a comment. PLEASE ENSURE PHOTOS DO NOT SHOW YOUR CHILDS FACE. TIP: Take picture from behind child, above child or just of the item made.