Belmont Playcare offers places five mornings a week – Families can select:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Sessions

Tuesday & Thursday Sessions

Full-time places are also available.

Between 9.00 – 11.55 am.

Children can start at 2 years + 10 months until pre-school age. 

We are registered to take a maximum of 24 children on any one morning. 

The cost per session is currently (£13.00 from September 2023), please see finance section on how payments of fees can be made and terms and conditions of collection of fees.

Applying & Admissions Criteria 

Applications Forms are available in the foyer.  The application pack outlines how playgroup works and at the back is a simple application form for the Playgroup which can be submitted between June- closing date (29th February 24)

The admission criteria is as below:

2024/25- for children born between July 21 & June 22

1. Children who were born between 2nd July 2021 and 1st July 2022 who have siblings currently attending Belmont Playgroup and those siblings have selected Belmont Playcare in their 1st choice in the EA Playcare Application Form.

2. Children who were born between 2nd July 2021 and 31st December 2021 who have:

 i.     siblings currently attending Belmont Playcare;

 ii.     siblings who have previously attended Belmont Playgroup or Belmont Playcare;

 iii.     parents currently employed by Belmont Playcare.

3. Children who were born between 1st January 2022 and 1st July 2022 who have:

 i.     siblings currently attending Belmont Playcare;

 ii.     siblings who have previously attended Belmont Playgroup or Belmont Playcare;

iii.     parents currently employed by Belmont Playcare.

4. Children who were born between 2nd July 2021 and 1st July 2022 whose siblings will be attending Belmont Primary School during the playgroup applicant’s admission year.

5. Children who were born between 2nd July 2021 and 1st July 2022.

There are 48 places available and these are normally 24 for 3 mornings (Mon, Wed, Fri) and 24 for 2 mornings (Tues, Thurs). 


Allocation of places:

According to Social Services guidelines, we are permitted to have only 4 children under the age of 3 attending playgroup at any time. Therefore, start dates are carefully considered and staggered according to children’s birthdays and not all children will be able to start as soon as they reach 2 years and 10 months of age.

Once the closing date has passed, (12 noon on Friday the 29th February) we allocate playgroup places according to the admissions criteria above and inform everyone of the outcome. Successful applicants will be sent an offer letter detailing the session that has been allocated, playgroup terms and conditions, and their child’s start date.

You will be required to confirm acceptance of your offer, by a particular date.

How Playgroup works!

The playgroup staff have a planning meeting every week, and discuss the playgroup curriculum and activities to plan and provide for the children. This approach is flexible. We like to encourage the children to share their experiences with us at the playgroup. We are always interested to listen to the children’s interests and what they are learning through play.  Through this careful listening and observation taking we can plan for additional resources each week or add to areas of play. The team work hard to produce a variety of colourful and challenging activities for all of the children.  Our aim is to provide high quality care and make your child’s time at Playgroup enjoyable and stimulating. 

It is an important time for children to become a little more independent, to make new friends, have fun and to learn the value of sharing and co-operating with others. 

Areas of Play include: Sand, Water, Mark Making, Painting, Craft, Book Area, Role Play, Construction, Small World, Jigsaws and Puzzles

Daily Routine

9.00am Greeting and Registration Time

9.15am-10.55am Free Play- including small group play. 9.45-10.30am Snack Time 

10.55am-11am Tidy Up Time 

11.00am-11.15am Story Time 

11.15am-11.45am Outdoor Play 

11.45am-11.55am Songs and Rhyme Time 

11.55am Home Time

We aim to have a happy, safe and stimulating environment in which we encourage learning and development through play. The facilities include a large playroom that provides ample space for a wide range of activities.  We have a covered outdoor play area and provide outdoor play opportunities every day.

We follow specific policies and procedures; including a Health & Safety, Recruitment, Child Protection and Participation, as well as a number of other policies. All relevant policy documents can be found in the Policy File, on the display in the foyer.

Playgroup Curriculum

Focuses on the 4 areas of learning.

Personal, Social, Emotional Development

Language Development

Cognitive Development

Physical Development

The “I Can” indicators were taken from the “I can” book written by the Early Years Organisation.  These indicators are used for observation taking and staff look for specific areas of development for this age group.  Each staff member has a group of 8 children they are key worker for.

Snack time

For snack time we encourage children to enjoy a time to relax with each other at the snack table and have a snack. We promote healthy foods at Belmont Playgroup, and any special dietary requirements will be arranged.  Fresh fruit, bread sticks, toast, crackers; milk and water are the basic foods the children are offered.  Our snack menu is displayed in the foyer.


Parents/carers are asked to telephone the playgroup before 10.00 am if their child is unwell and unable to attend playgroup. If your child has been unwell with sickness and diarrhoea, we request the child is kept off playgroup for a period of 48 hours. We are now required to contact parents when their child is absent for more than 3 days without notification.

We do ask if your child is suffering from a heavy cold, viruses or any kind of contagious condition, that they are kept at home and do not attend playgroup, until better. We have HSCT Information on infectious conditions, on our Information Noticeboard, in the foyer.

Administering of Medication

If your child has a prescribed medication, please speak to the Playgroup leader, who will discuss procedures. For insurance purposes we require written consent from a parent/carer to enable staff to administer medicine to their child. Members of staff are trained to use an epi-pen and are also First Aiders. A copy of our insurance policy can be found in the foyer.

Child’s first day

Your child’s first day at playroom will be a fun and very important one for them. When children arrive at Belmont Playcare they use the foyer to leave coats, bag etc.

Changes to Personal Details

It is extremely important that we have the correct emergency contact details e.g. home telephone numbers, emergency contact persons, etc..

We would be very grateful if you could immediately inform us of any changes to these details. All this information is noted in the playgroups register and this together with other personal documentation is strictly confidential.



Can be purchased online from School Days 434 Newtownards Road, Belfast, BT4 1HU 02895433725

 Order online: 

Also on a warm sunny day, it is advised that children are wearing sun protection before they are brought into the playroom.


Health & Safety

Belmont Playgroup follows specific guidelines on health & safety issues that affect all children and adults visiting the group.

Fire drills are carried out regularly each month.

We talk to the children each morning about the importance of washing their hands before they eat their snack. Also the children are reminded to always wear an apron when they want to paint or play at the water tray.


Golden Rules

Rules in the playroom are kept to a minimum and are for the safety of the children and to encourage acceptable social behaviour.

.   Children are always accompanied to the toilet by a ‘fit person’

.   Children are not allowed in the kitchen or storeroom

.   No running is allowed in the playroom

Continuous Improvement

We are constantly looking at the service we provide at Belmont Playcare and always listen and value any suggestions parents/carer would like to make to the group. There is a questionnaire given to parents/carers each year. Any suggestions are considered part of our self-evaluation procedures and are discussed with the committee.